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Meet Pastor Benjamin

You could say I didn’t have a chance but to become a Lutheran.  I mean, I was born not only in the same country—Germany—, but in the same state (Saxony) as good old Martin!  Called to minister at age thirteen, I mostly went to seminary in Germany (at the Georg-August University in Gottingen and the Humboldt-University in Berlin).  I was also an exchange student at Emory University’s Candler School of Theology in Atlanta, GA.  That’s also where I met my wife, Charmaine.  When I graduated in 2016, my heart was already in the Dayton-area with the woman who is now my wife.  We got married in 2017, while I went through chaplaincy training in a hospital in Cincinnati.  St. John’s is the first parish I have the honor of pastoring.

Whenever I’m not doing that, I love to read books or watch movies, travel to Germany or out West, and I’m an avid San Francisco 49ers fan.  One more thing I would love to do is have a cup of coffee with you and hear your story.  Come on by.  The drink’s on me 😉

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